Thinking of Selling your HMO?


How many times have you been written to by individuals or companies wanting to buy your HMO property? I’m sure it’s been quite a few as we get to see the same letters circulating. These individuals or companies are naturally looking for an owner that has an interest in selling, but ultimately will attempt to buy the property at the best possible price for them. We are writing to you with a different proposition. We are looking to see if you have an interest in selling your HMO property for the best possible price for you.


Fresh Estate Agents are property selling experts in the HMO market. The foundation for this expert status is our long-standing position as leaders in the letting and management of student houses. From this position we naturally have our fingers on the pulse in terms of rental values and demand trends. Combine this with our knowledge of selling values and we have the best stand point to advise our clients of when is the best time to sell.


We have been prolific in selling HMO houses over recent years and remain very strong today. We have often sold houses for far more than our vendors expected. This skill comes from a knowledge of what returns our buyers are satisfied with. Naturally, if buyers are less aggressive on the return levels they are expecting then the greater level of purchase price can be paid. It is because we have buyers that are less aggressive that we have managed to drive up selling values of HMO properties in Swansea. 


To be clear we act for YOU when we are instructed to find a buyer and we are very clear about this to our buyers. Our goal is to secure a buyer, but always at the best price for you. We stress this point as we feel some agents lose sight of this balance of loyalties between a vendor and a buyer. Not so with us. You are our client that pays our selling fee and we act in your best interest.


Would you like a FREE, no obligation selling value on your HMO property? If yes, please just get in touch with me at the Fresh dedicated sales team. You can call me on 01792 464757 (Option 1) or email


Written By: Nick Clarke (Sales Manager at Fresh Estate & Letting Agents)



Thank you for everything. The service, professionalism and effort has been above what would be expected. Thank you. Richard & Laura
Mr Richard Price-Deer
(Cae Castell, Loughor, Swansea)